WTS - MadCatz FightStick - Turbo Panel Guide Button - PCBs w/Colored LEDs

i have a few spare pcbs used in madcatz fightsticks for the guide button on 360 models. the LEDs have been replaced, mostly with blue but other colors are available. these are literally plug and play replacements. please make sure your board has the same pinouts. i’m asking $15 shipped each.

TE round 1 - might work with round 2, please check. Won’t Fit TE-S
3 - BLUE

FightStick Pro / Brawl

1 - BLUE, 1 - PINK

Example of what you’ll get

PM sent

Got mine in the other day - these are great. Cool way to set off a color scheme.

one blue left for fight stick pro/brawl

Hi ! Are you still selling these turbo panels ? Thanx for the answer