WTS: MadCatz FS Pro signed by Tokido with PS360+ installed

MadCatz FS Pro signed by Tokido with PS360+ - $169 shipped to the CONUS via USPS Mail



Price dropped on the vshg!

pm sent

Price drop on the Tokido stick!

Bump, prices dropped!

Have always wanted a VSHG, but it’s a little bit out of my price range. Good luck with the sale.


Would you ship the VSHG internationally (to the UK specifically)?

Bump. Prices dropped!

I’ve owned, in order, an SE, 2 TEs, a VS, an sfxt pro, a Hori VLX, and a TE2 Chun. Of all those, my favorite stick body is far and away the VS.

Good luck with the sale.

Thanks mr. tibbs :slight_smile:

Price drop on the VSHG - $169 shipped to the CONUS!

Great price on the vsgh! Wish I had the funds
I would take both the vsgh and v.S. Sticks

Price drop on the Tokido stick and the Madcatz VS.

Always wanted a VSHG for some reason. I’ll take it!

I’m hooked on buying sticks. If the Fightstick Pro is there next week I think I’ll take it.

Saw that it was posted on eBay now.

Yeah it wasn’t getting much interest here so I posted it on eBay.

Man that VS is awesome. I don’t feel like they got enough attention when they came out. I may be interested in that one.

PM’d you @MrEwnt

Also added the FS pro back and lowered the price!

Interested in Versus Stick. Pm me.