WTS: MadCatz Ken Fightpad / Modded HRAP2

I have for sale a sealed Ken Fightpad for the Xbox 360. $25 shipped anywhere in the Continental US.

I also have a modified Hori Real Arcade Pro 2 for sale. Replaced all the Hori buttons with Seimitsu buttons, put in a Cthulhu chip. Will throw in the original HRAP2 PCB if requested. Covered in Miku Hatsune stickers. $100 shipped.SOLD


PM sent

Ken Fightpad: http://twitpic.com/xqoi7
HRAP2: http://twitpic.com/xqoz7

Do you only accept Paypal? Interested in the HRAP2. Just to make sure… What’s a “Cthulhu chip”? Is that the same as a regular Cthulhu?

HRAP2 sold, price drop on Ken Fightpad.

Another price drop on the Ken fightpad, come on guys I know somebody out there wants it!

How much shipped to the UK?

This still for sale? The pad… obviously.