WTS: Madcatz PS3 SuperSF4 TE stick + extra parts - $60 + $15 shiping obo


Have this Super SF4 TE stick for PS3 and want to get rid of it. Someone should probably get it for parts as I don’t have a Sanwa joystick for it. It does include Sanwa buttons and I’m also throwing in 360 SE parts. Just need to get rid of the stuff.

The top left corner of the art cover got a bit jacked, as had to drill it out to get the thing off. If you want to replace it with your art then you’re golden- which is why I say this is great for parts.

$60 bucks + $15 for shipping OBO. Paypal would be ideal. Want to get rid of this by Friday. Thanks for your time!


You mean it doesn’t have the JLF or is it just the balltop that’s missing? First dibs…


Correct, no JLF.


I’ll pass for now. I’ll check back next week to see if it’s still available. I’m sure it’ll be sold by then.