WTS Madcatz Rnd 1 TE 360


I’m primarily looking to sell, but if you have the following items, I’d be willing to trade as well:<br>
Madcatz Fightpad - Xbox 360<br>
ChImp PCB<br>
Imp PCB<br>
<u><b><span style=“font-size:1.17em”>Items for sale (adding more all the time!):</span></b></u><br>
<br>Madcatz Round 1 TE for 360 - $110 shipped<br>
(pics soon)<br><br><br>
<strike>Seimitsu LS58</strike><br>
<strike>AXISdapter w/ sixaxis PCB</strike><br>
<strike>Madcatz SE Brawlstick case - X360</strike><br>
<strike>Hori FS3 stock joystick</strike><br>
<strike>Hori FS3 PCB</strike><br>
<strike>Dromstruction dustwasher</strike><br>
<strike>Dual-Modded Madcatz TE MVC3 edition - X360 + ChImp Dual-mod</strike><br>
<strike>8x ArcEye3 RGB LED PCB</strike><div><u><strike>Remora RGB Controller</strike></u><br><strike>8x ArcEye3 RGB LED PCB</strike><strike><br></strike></div>

Wtb: cheap ps3 pcb/joystick (sanwa, hori, madcatz, cthulhu)

pm for LS stick and axis adapter




Responded to PMs and added more items.


Payment received for LS-58 and AXISdapter, thanks GunBuster! Will ship out ASAP.


LS-58 and AXISdapter shipped.


New items added.




All items still available. Price drop!


KOF XIII added.


KoFXIII is brand new? or preowned? its possible to ship to Mexico?

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KOF is preowned, and I’d have to look into shipping to Mexico. I would have to add a little more if it costs more. PM me if interested.

Added want: UMVC3 - PS3


Items updated, added brand new, dual-modded Madcatz MVC3 stick.


I love MVC3TEs. Efffff.


Send me a PM, we can make a deal.


Hey I’ll buy that brawl stick case if you still got it.


PM sent to Sonic Immora.


can I get more pictures of those pelican buttons? wpuld those fit a standard american shell?


Sure thing, I just posted some more. They would definitely fit a standard American shell, I actually replaced them with the Happ Competition buttons that I’m also selling. Keep in mind that they’re concave though. Competition buttons are convex.


What kind of switches are those?