WTS: Madcatz SC5 Soul Edition Arade Stick for Xbox360(SOLD)


The stick is very lightly used. I used it to play 1 pool at UFGT 2 weeks ago. Other than that, it’s been sitting in the box I’m asking $90 shipped(in U.S.). I’m also a proffesional modder, and can send the stick out dual modded for $175 shipped(in U.S.). Examples of my work in my sig.

I also have a Madcatz Messenger Bag I can throw into the deal for another $10. It’s recieved the same amount of use as the stick. Just that one pool at UFGT. I’ll only sell it with the stick, though, as I kind of like it.


Willing to ship to Canada?


More than likely. It may come down to where in Canada. If you could PM me your address, I can get a quote and let you know.


bumped for pics and price drop


Can i get the bag seperate ???


Hey there Dannkk, Are you open to trading for the SC5 stick?


Just as it says in my OP, no, I will not sell the bag separate.

I’m willing to hear your offer, but I’m really looking for money.


Stick Still for sale?


Yes, it’s still for sale.


Would you be ok with giving both the stick and bag for 90 because you don’t have to pay for shipping,I only live about 20 mins away from evergreen park


$90 cash, and you’ve got a deal.