WTS: Madcatz SE (360) w/red Sanwa JLF + OBSF-30 preinstalled. $100. NYC Only~


Selling (1) used Madcatz Standard Edition Fightstick with red colored Sanwa JLF-TP-8Y + OBSF-30 buttons preinstalled for the Microsoft Xbox360.

The buttons and joystick are barely used after I installed them. I only use my TE stick nowadays so I don’t really use this joystick much. It has been kind of collecting dust on the side even after I installed fresh buttons and joystick shaft.

I’m not looking to really ship this out but I live in Brooklyn and I’ll trade it for cash in person in New York City. I will accept Paypal and ship it out for an additional $5-10, I’m not sure how much they will charge me for the shipping weight of the stick.

You’ll get the original box package along with the manual and headphone adapter thinger that I haven’t touched or used.

This is a good bargain as the JLF and six buttons cost me an extra $45 not including shipping when I got them from Modchipman, on top of the $80 I spent on the stick originally. The black buttons are stock Madcatz since I don’t use them, I had never replaced them; just the primary six I used for Street Fighter IV.

Pictures below (sorry if they are too blurred, I have a shitty 5MPix camera and I just finished lifting weights so my hands can’t hold still).


If you have anymore questions, PM me.


good deal.


SE stick via UPS ground 1-8 days is about 10-11 bucks. it might be slightly more if you’re going to west coast. if you have the original box just slap the UPS sticker on it and you’re ready to ship it out.


Still have it?