WTS: Madcatz SE Headset Adapter Cable/Clip [SOLD!]

Willing to sell the Headset Adapter ‘converter’ that came with my Madcatz SE joystick. I believe it allows the old style headset to work on the SE/TE and maybe other joysticks as well.

Looking for $4.00 + $3.00 shipping (anywhere within Canada or USA.


I might be interested in this thing. jeenyus1, do you happen to have pictures of it on hand?

would like to try this out as well.

pics would be nice

You said it came with the se?? Weird, it didn’t come with mine.

Pics up.



Nice. So would I only find this adapter with the SE stick or would I be able to find the exact one elsewhere?

PM Sent

Sold to Ikagi-Chan!

Hah, really? I had a couple of these things sitting in my XBox drawer, and I just cut em up trying to fix the headset wire my cat chewed through. Had no idea people could actually use em.

The headset never worked either :frowning: