WTS: MadCatz SF4 Pads, and GC WaveBird Controllers

Hey whats up guys I need to part with a few things and need cash. Here’s what I’m selling. Only accepting Paypal also.

MadCatz Street Fighter 4 Pads Mint Condition Ryu and Chun Li
**Each $23.00 Free Shipping [COLOR=“Red”]SOLD

I Barley Used these because I use Stick, I just got it for friends that didn’t know how to play stick
but ended up trying to learn how to lol. So now I have no need for them.

Also Selling My Mint Condition Gamecube Wavebird Controllers
**Each $25.00 Free Shipping

6 White Sanwa Buttons, 2 White with Black Sanwa Buttons, White Ball Top, and a Square gate.
$20.00 Free Shipping. SOLD

Xbox 360 Official VGA Cable SOLD
$10.00 Free Shipping

Call of Duty 4 Limited Collectors Edition Box (Game not Included Just what Came inside the Box) It comes with the Limited Edition box with Art book and behind the scene DVD unopened. If your a fan or a collector I think this would be for you.
**$10.00 Free Shipping **

Neo Geo Battle Coliseum Ps2 - Sealed
$10.00 Free shipping SOLD

King of Fighters XI Ps2 - Sealed
$10.00 Free Shipping****SOLD

I have other stuff to, but for now I’m just posting this.

Interested in the 360 VGA cable, PM sent

i just bought neo geo battle coliseum a few days ago too =\ it’s just something i’ve wanted since it came out. oh well, $10 is a really good price

Lowered The Sanwa Bundle

Sanwa! Pm sent

pm sent

What model are those Sanwa buttons?

You wouldnt have King of fighters 98 Ultimate battle for ps2, would you? If so, pm me

Added items.

lowered the pads

PM sent.


Added Wavebirds to my Sale

Anymore madcat pads? =( I would have given you cash, damn me for not checking he trade outlet sooner.

Prices for Wavebirds?

Prices for wavebirds are $25 each it’s in the description

Got the fightpads today. Thanks man, pleasure doing business.

Got my copies of KOFXI and NGBC today. Thanks!