WTS: Madcatz TE, EX2, SFAC sticks & games (360, PS3, Wii, etc) Preggy Sale

Well i need to get some cash as my girl is pregnant…Also looking for Stuido Ghibli DVD’s all of them…

Madcatz 360 TE sealed x2 ($225+ shipping OBO each)
Madcatz PS3 TE sealed ($225+shipping OBO) pending
Ken Fightpad sealed(PS3) $45 shipped(price lowered)
Hori EX2 (sealed) $95 +shipping

Smackdown vs Raw 2009 DS sealed $15 shipped

I got a sealed Madcatz CE stick (PS3) (sold to shinakuma204)
I got a used Blanka fightpad (360) $36 shipped (sold to DREN esais quoi)
I got two sealed Madcatz CE Sticks (360) $140 each shipped (one sold to Cameron & the other Tornadoflame)

SFAE modded w/ New happ parts $120 + shipping

New T5 stick (Tekken Stick only) (sold to shinakuma204)

Im to lazy to make individual prices so i’ll just say $25 each…If you want to buy 2 its only $20 each, 3 $17.50 each 4 or more $15 each…+shipping So basically the more you buy the more you save…If you got a problem with the price go ahead & make an offer…Ridiculous offers will be ignored…

XBOX 360**
Xbox Live Cam Bundle w/12 month Live (sealed) $55
Official Wireless Controller x2 $30 each
Mercenary 2(sealed)
Bee Movie (sealed)
Spiderman Friend or Foe (sealed)
NBA 2k7 (complete)
Tiger Woods 07 (sealed)
Ping Pong (sealed)
Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle-Earth (sealed)
Tony Hawk Proving Grounds (sealed)

NBA Street Homecourt (sealed)
Def Jam Icon (complete)
Ridge Racer 7 (sealed) (on hold to Mystic)
Full Auto 2 (sealed)
Call of Duty IV (complete)

Batallion Wars 2 (complete)
Nights (sealed)
Elebits (sealed)
Marvel Ultimate Universe (sealed)
Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles (complete)
Endless Ocean (complete)
Winter Sports (sealed)
Sega Bass Fishing (sealed)


God Hand (sealed)
Rogue Galaxy (sealed)(sealed)
Sing Star Rocks w/ 2 microphone (sealed)
PS2 DVD Remote (sealed)
God War II (complete)
Kessen III (complete)
Valkyrie Profile 2 (sealed)
Art of Fighting Anthology (complete)
Xenosaga II (sealed)
Operation Spy Eye Toy (sealed)
Dragon Ball Z Controller (sealed)
Eyetoy Antigrav w/ eyetoy (sealed)
Taiko Drummaster (sealed)
Pump it Up Exceed w/mat (sealed)

Drawn to Life (complete)
Metroid Pinball (sealed)
Polarium (sealed)
Trauma Center (complete)
Drill Spirits (sealed)
Feel the Magic (sealed)
Rayman DS (sealed)
Dig Dug (sealed)
Zoo Keeper (complete)
Pac n roll (sealed)
Harvest Moon (complete)
Pokemon Trozei (complete)
Megaman Starforce Pegasus (complete)
Pokemon Ranger
Mario Hoops 3on3 (sealed)

Monster Hunter Freedom 2 (complete)

Final Fantasy IV (sealed)
Hamtaro Ham Ham Games (sealed)
Gunstar Heroes (sealed)
Drill Dozer (sealed)

I don’t have anything for trade, but I was wondering if I could buy the PS2 Network Adapter off of you.

all i got on your want list is FFT. how much would you want for either of these?

I got second after spideyman for the Hrap2 depending on price. Also, how much would you want for

Xbox 1600 points
Xbox Live Vision Camera (used one time mint)

PM sent.

Sorry guys, not really looking to sell unless you guys make an offer i cant refuse…I’m just interested in trading for now

Ahh damn. Oh well. Let me know if you ever want to sell that Network adapter. =)

What items on your list would you be willing to trade for the HRAP 2, as in how many of them?

Updated & added some prices on games

i have mlb power pros on wii . IMO you should just go buy it. Its fun.

bump - new stuff added

more stuff added

What are you looking for for 40G PS3/FF2(psp)/4gig pro duo stick?

I can build you a freshly new custom joystick and 2 pre-made customs wired for any system you want.

Dont need a stick…

Final Fantasy 2 $20
4gig Memory Stick Pro Duo $50(sealed & its not a fake one)

I’ll sell both for $65…

I don’t really have any of the stuff on your trade list 'cept the falcon 360 which I’m planning on keeping. hehehe
Take a look at this and see if you like anything from there, otherwise, I can pay money for the stuff. Mainly interested in this.


Xbox 360
Devil May Cry (sealed) - It’s 4 right? Or did you mess up and placed it in the wrong place?

Xbox 1600 points
Xbox Live Vision Camera Bundle 12 month (sealed)
Xbox Live Vision Camera (used one time mint)

ps2 Valkyrie Profile 2 (sealed)

PS2 Network Adapter (New but box is open)

PS3 Devil May Cry 4 (sealed)

Pm me when you get the chance.

Just added God of War PSP sealed

I would be interested in that HRAP2 but I don’t have anything on your want list. How much do you want for it?

You have pictures of that virtua stick?

No pics are you interested in it?

New games added
*Army of Two
*Spiderman Friend or Foe

  • Bee Movie
    *Juiced 2
    *NHL 2k8

I have Disgaea for the psp I’m interested in you copy of Devil may Cry or just cash