WTS-Madcatz TE R2(?)


hello Srk,im getting rid of this stick ASAP because i have no need for it anymore.its modded with a Seimitsu LS-42 joystick(?) and Clear red Sanwa buttons with a Clear balltop the Wire is exposed but i tried my best to wrap it in Black tape.im asking for 85$ Free shipping


Are u willing to sell the te top panel by it self


Can you take more pictures of the exposed wire?


Ill get to it later today



is this good enough?


it looks and sounds good but its a litter too much $$$ for what I really want. (JUST WANT THE CASE)


bro this was posted 8 months ago lol but ill see if i got this around my house


That’s NOT a Round 2 TE… it’s a TE-S or later (TE-S+) model.

The Round 1 and Round 2 TE’s had beveled side pieces. The TE-S is basically the middle case part of the first two rounds of TE’s minus those beveled sides.

The connector cable on your stick case looks a bit rough. If it’s at all possible to remove it, I’d take it off and put heat shrink tubing over the exposed area. I was under the impression that at least some 360 Joysticks had removable USB cables.


thats the thing im not too good at soldering or modding stuff so i rather just sell this to someone who needs it


check around and let me know :wink: