WTS: Madcatz TE round 2 Xbox 360 stick

I’m looking to sell a brand new Madcatz TE rd 2 xbox360 stick. I have never used the stick and the stick is still sealed in it’s box. Looking to sell for $80. Buyer pays for shipping. I’m also open to trades. PM me.

did you get that thing I sent you? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I just sent you a PM. Sorry about the delay been busy and with the site being down, it took me awhile to respond. Nobody wants a brand spanking new xbox 360TE??

PM Sent

where are you located and how much is shipping to CA, 94122?

Is the stick still for sale? Just in case, PM’d.

still for sale?

Sale is pending

i want it if it isnt sold

i want it. just pmd

Is the sale still pending? You had told me that if it didin’t go through, I was next in line. Just checking. Thanks

I also have an unopened, brand new Rnd2 TE for the 360 that I’ll let go for $90. The cardboard lid hasn’t even been flipped on this one. Not sure if it matters, but I can supply pics if anyone is interested.

And also… I just learned moments after deleting this post, in attempts to start my own/new thread only to learn that one needs 50 posts… :u which I do not. So if that’s a problem; just delete this post, oh… & sorry.

antonio c.

Antonio I pm’d you.

Still available? PM me.

The stick was sold. Please close thread. Thanks for the inquiries.