WTS MadCatz TE Round 2

i am selling my MadCatz TE Round 2 for the ps3 to pay for my entry fee for EVO 2011. this fightstick usually goes for $150, but i am just selling mine for $100. and $15 dollars for shipping and handling. the $100 is my entry fee for EVO, so please help me out. i am located in garden grove, california. if you want to do a pick-up then the shipping and handling fee is waivered

PS. if you are interested please email me at joeurgod@yahoo.com and also email me if you are having a hard viewing the picture. i can send you the pic from my computer.

ok, got my pic on imageshack, hope this helps. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/829/madcatzteround2.jpg/

Thought we agree on this via email?

@acronym, no worries man. i am going to close this thread. ADMIN PLEASE CLOSE!!

just wanted to say there’s no need to make a new thread everytime you want to sell something. Try to group all your items in one place so people aren’t searching through clutter.