WTS: Madcatz TE Round2 PS3 + Hori Tekken 6 PS3 + Parts + Games


WTS: Madcatz TE Round2 PS3 + Hori Tekken 6 PS3 + Parts + Games

So, I can’t afford my hotel room comfortably at UFGT8 so I’m trying to sell what i have. ALL SHIPPING IS FREE TO US (US only pleasekthx) Paypal is preferred, I’ll take a personal check but you have to wait 2 weeks to clear. Fell free to make a better offer via PM if you’d like, but I’m strapped for cash so I’d like to get what I can.

Madcatz TE Round2 for PS3, comes with original box: $125 free shipping

Really not used much (I play on xbox), cord in good condition, latch on cord case in good condition. Only note of condition is mine came with a sticky LP so i replaced LP and LK with black sanwa, same buttons and works great, no issues at all other than color difference.


[S]SOLD Hori Tekken 6 Wifi stick for PS3, comes with original box: $40 free shipping[/S]

[S]Great condition, no issues. I actually really like this stick, never ran into lag with it, use it as an extra when friends come by, i just avoid wifi for tournament use.[/S]

TEasyStrike Modded Madcatz SE with Sanwa JLF and buttons PCB NON-FUNCTIONING:[S] $50[/S] $40 free shipping (price lowered)

So admittedly, this one is a wild card. I like the size of SE and played on a modded xbox stick for a year with sanwa parts, outside of a little sheen loss on the buttons, stick and buttons fine. Vermillion top, black buttons, and vermillion with black casing buttons on ends. No custom art. I modded my SE with the TEasy Strike (which was supposed to work with my version of SE). Worked great for about 3 months and I started having detection issues with the board. AS FAR AS I KNOW TEasY STRIKE IS FINE, but the main xbox board appears dead. Inside is modded to adjust for size of TEasy (can provide pics on request). I don’t want to mislead anyone, I mean this one for parts. It’s about $40 worth of sanwa parts, a case and a ‘possibly’ functioning TEasy Strike board. Email me if you have any questions or want any pictures. I have a little duct tape on the cord because of a hairline split on the cable that wasn’t bad but I don’t want to get worse.


GAMES AND GUIDES (on ebay, all end Tuesday the 22nd)

Soul Calibur V (Xbox 360, 2012) ! FREE SHIPPING

Soul Calibur V Official Guide Collector’s Edition Hardcover FREE SHIPPING! clean

The King of Fighters XIII (Xbox 360) with CD/SOUNDTRACK!!! FREE SHIPPING!


Octagonal gate for Sanwa JLF: $5, free shipping
I have 2 white ball tops for JLF, $3 a piece or both for $5, free shipping
I also have 2 stock Madcatz SE sticks with stock switches (just the joystick set), $5 a piece, free shipping


Hori stick has been s.o.l.d.

Lowering the price of the parts stick to $40


If the SE is still available could you post pics of the insides and possibly the cable you said there was a split on?


You still have that gate? PM me.