WTS-Madcatz TE-S


TE-S 100$ i already changed the button and stick back to default if anyone cares


If you really want to get rid of it, that price gonna have drop drastically. You don’t have to, but I’m just giving some good advice if you want to move it.


A TE-S in good condition? i see people sell other sticks for more


Yeah, I snatched my TEs in new condition for $100… TE/TEs stock usually run for $90 now a days


What he said, was just fixing to post that exact amount, and it’s usually $90 including shipping.


ok i guess ill lower it too 100 but i dont know how to edit lol


oh wait i got it thanks


100+ views and no one will buy a 100$ dollar stick…sigh srk




I’m somewhat interested. I would like to see if it has any damage and if it comes with the original box.


He didn’t answer about the damages >.>


there is a tiny scratch on the mic area relax


Is anything modded on the stick?


the stick is a seimitsu LS-40 i can switch it back to sanwa JLF if you want




O.O like what?


i think hes just trolling


He said it was put back to original but its not…


i never got to update the picture


I’ll give u shipping price $15-$20 for the stick since we really dunno what’s going on with it :slight_smile: