[WTS] Madcatz TE/SE Audio Board for Brook PS4+, madcatz Front Panel for Brook UFB and PS4+


Am definitely in need of one of these if they’re still available. :smiley:


Any boards left? thanks


I’m interested in your REV2 board! Do you have any left?


Yes I still have some left. PM me.


Yes I still have some left. I’ll answer your PM.


For some reason I wasn’t in watching the post anymore. Sorry for the lake of response if I missed some.

5 Front Panels left
36 Audio Board left.


Sent you a pm


Do you have a board that works on a MCZ VS?


I am looking to put a brook universal fight board in my old PS3 SF 4 te stick with your kit do I need to solder at all? I only ask because I am not very good at that.


If you ignore the K-ground (if don’t care the lock switch working with Start/Select buttons) there’s 0 soldering needed with the Brook UFB or PS4+audio for my kit: all the harnesses are provided: only plug it on the Brook (you must buy one with presoldered headers), and use the screw terminal for the “home” wire.


Cool are you offering orders yet and if so how much/where?


I’ve only 4 front panel left in stock. Everything (price/shipping) is described in the 1rst post .


I just sent you a pm


I would be interested in a Front Panel + Audio combo, can you confirm if this is still available?


Yes I have still some in stock. Shoot me a PM.


Hi @The_Real_Phoenix just started modding my 2006 madcatz SE SF4 PS3 stick with a Brooks UFB. I am looking to buy one of the front pannels of you. I am located in the Netherlands how can i get in direct contact with you?


@Kupauw Either shoot me PM here or a DM on twitter @TRP_Retromods.


Contacted you on Twitter allready


Hi im also Interested by the Front Panels for my “TE round 1 ps3”


I’ll be out for New Year Eve, I’ll be back end of the next week (the 3rd).