[WTS] Madcatz TE/SE Audio Board for Brook PS4+, madcatz Front Panel for Brook UFB and PS4+

Interested in one of these front panels too. Will message you.

Sorry for the late response to anyone to tried to contact me the past week. I came back from vacation and was a bit busy with an other project.

Only 3 boards left.

I am interested in a board as well. Will Message you.

I’m officially SOLD OUT on the Front Panel kit!

Thanks everyone!

More details soon.

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Hi, I’m interested in installing a Brook PS4 Audio+ in my SCV 360 TE stick. I saw your YouTube video and I want to order the audio PCB you made. But you said you’re out of the REV2 PCB which I think I’ll need to use the little control panel with the home button. So I don’t know if you will make them again or not.

If you ever have the REV2 PCB in stock again, can you change the turbo button to touchpad?

I’m also in Canada but on the west coast. So I don’t think shipping would be an issue.

Yes the main point of the PCB is to keep the buttons and function of the front panel: home button/turbo/player leds/LS-DP-RS/lock.
You can wire Touch Pad, L3 or R3 if you don’t want the turbo with an other harness (it’s just a button, so you can wire to whatever you want).

Unfortunately I’m out of stock yes, I’m waiting for someone for annoucing the new availability.

I guess I can wait then, I’ll keep an eye out. Thanks for making such a great mod!

I’ll update the topic, but the frontpanel will now be sold by Jasen Custom’s!

Any idea on how long until those boards are available?

Shouldn’t be long, Jasen should make an announce soon.

Last post on this was early April. It’s now end of May. Any news on the production of these boards?

I do not have any precise date, but Jasen is reboing is store for the 1rst of June. So maybe he’s waiting for that to sell them.

Cool. Thanks for the info.