WTS: Madcatz TE2+, Madcatz TES+ BRAND NEW!


PM zent for the OG Panzer… I will take it


Damn… Blink and you miss out around here. This the second time, today! Hmu if it falls through


Lol I’ll let you know if it doesn’t go through.


Yeah do that.

Now I see we were totally same page on the allfightsticks, those look right up my alley. I really like the mock, cf murdered out hori with the chrome ball. Reminds my of one of my 240s, it’s all white with chrome centerlines and chrome skull shifter.


That hori scv very nice!


Panzer OG SOLD

Thanks man.

I’m glad you like it.


What’s the name of that awesome texture on the face of that stick?


It vinyl with a carbon fiber texture.


Did you do it yourself or get someone to do it?


I applied it myself. It’s not very hard, just takes patience.


Real Arcade Pro V Kai Xbox One/360/PC SOLD


Updated SCV pictures. (new buttons)


PCB on hold


Quad-mod Hori SCV stick PRICE DROP!!


sent ya a pm about that stick sir


Hori SCV stick sold


Got the stick, packed great etc.


Added new sticks!!




VLX price drop!!