WTS Madcatz TE2 USB cable/Pro Cables

Yes sir.

how much with shipping and how soon can you send it?

Looking for a kaimana mini

Found a cthuhlu

Yea they have blue and pink side panels on Amazon

I actually just saw that today I was ecstatic! Thanks for lookin out.

got stuff

Need a dreamcast to rj45 cable!

I’m making cables soon myself what price are you looking to spend?


Added a hitbox

What systems does the Hitbox work for?

It has the stock PS3 PCB so it’ll work with anything that would work with. Only thing I did was add the SOCD cleaner

does that sweater fit small or big?

It fits a little smaller. I normally wear xl but it was just a tad too snug for what I wanted in an ugly sweater.

Added a gaming laptop and reduced hitbox price

@Bubbledotjpg Are you sure that’s not a Sager laptop bro? It looks just like mine, stickers and all…

@VarmintBaby I’m going by the amazon page I purchased it from. And after looking at another website looks like you are correct. It has a Sager and Clevo model number attached to this laptop. That is really odd but since Sager seems more known I think I’ll change the title out.

EDIT: I should actually mention it says prostar under the sticker so that is threw me off.

Would you suggest Spencer and Spider-man, since they are both web swing characters?

Is there a way to web swing into web swing?

Would you say X-factor ruined UMvC3?

Looking for a ps360+ newer version