WTS: Madcatz Vs Dual Modded Arcade Controller w/Remora LEDs installed($400 shipped!)


Hey guys,
Selling a Madcatz Vs Stick customized with dual mod functionality(360/PS3 Autodetect)
-LED button activation presses with programmable mods of 256 adjustable colors.
-Remora Installed LEDs with New Arc Eyes Inserts!
-White Carbon Fiber Top Panel
-All Sanwa Parts!
Hit me up on the Inbox for inquiry!
Looking for $400!


That is a nice looking stick. I wish I had the cash for it.


did u paint the guide and turbo area?


where did u get the top panel?

hmmm…im really liking this…is there anyway to turn off the LED’s if u want to play without them?


On a Remora board (which is what this stick has) you can turn off LEDs either through the turbo control panel lock slider or holding three kicks when plugging in.


I grabbed the turbo panel off of a SE Stick.Top Panel was done by me on a custom, used Carbon fiber to get it done.


Interested, PM’d you