WTS: Magic the Gathering Cards (on eBay) Force of Will / Sliver Queen / Natural Order

Below are some of my MTG cards I recently placed on eBay. I have a good bit of other cards that aren’t on eBay at the moment; if interested, feel free to ask and I’ll check to see if I have the card(s).

Thanks for looking!

Bloodstained Mire x1 - Mint/Near Mint - MTG Onslaught

Sapphire Medallion (x2) - Near-Mint! - Tempest - MTG

Sapphire Medallion (x1) - Near-Mint! - Tempest - MTG

Lake of the Dead (x2) - Slightly Played/Near Mint - MTG

Strip Mine (x4) - 4th Edition - Magic the Gathering EUC

Lightning Bolt (x4) - Near-Mint! - Fourth Edition - MTG

Undiscovered Paradise (x2) - Near Mint - MTG Visions

Undiscovered Paradise (x1) - Near Mint! - MTG Visions

Sylvan Library (x2) - Fourth Edition - EUC - MTG

Mystical Tutor (x1) - Mint/Near-Mint! - Mirage - MTG

Propaganda (x4) - Near Mint! - Magic the Gathering MTG

Land Tax (x4) - Fourth Edition - Magic the Gathering

Dream Halls (x1) - Mint Condition - Stronghold - MTG

Winter Orb (x4) - Magic the Gathering - 4th 5th Revised

Zuran Orb (x4) - Magic the Gathering - Ice Age - EUC

Eladamri Lord of Leaves (x1) - Mint Condition - MTG

Nevinyrral’s Disk (x4) - Revised Edition - MTG

Swords to Plowshares (x1) - Ice Age - MTG - EUC

Firestorm (x1) - Mint Condition! - Weatherlight - MTG

I’ve also added Force of Will (x4), Natural Order, and Sliver Queen:

Force of Will (x4) - Near Mint! - Alliances - Magic MTG - eBay (item 150462860047 end time Jul-11-10 17:18:13 PDT)

Sliver Queen (x1) - Stronghold - Magic MTG - EUC Rare! - eBay (item 150462861820 end time Jul-11-10 17:26:55 PDT)

Natural Order (x1) - Visions - Magic MTG - EUC Rare! - eBay (item 150462862977 end time Jul-11-10 17:32:33 PDT)

Auctions in the first post have ended; Cards in the 2nd post are still going strong!

how do u know how much each card is worth

The cards are actually very fair priced, there are magazines that print card value based on average retail prices at stores and all. Force of will alone, starting at 4 for $50 is a great deal

I will definitely be watching the 4x Force auction :tup: