WTS: Mahagony Case by bonebreak



I’m almost tempted to buy this… ehehehe…

nice stick by adam :slight_smile: good luck with the sales

btw. do you need screw-in buttons? or can you use snap-ins.
i cant really tell by the pics if the screws go over the plexi

You should use screw in buttons but I guess if you’re feeling brave you can use snap ins.

Ecks, you could probably whip up something just as good as this Im sure.

Free bump*

Legit seller, overall good guy with what appears to be an awesome case somebody jump on this quick!!

is the case still for sale, and is the price final?

case is still for sale. Price is pretty firm but this is a case of the highest quality, just ask anyone on these forums. PM me if you are interested.

nobody is interested in this???

economy is down in the shoryuken world too :frowning:

bump, price dropped

pm sent

pm sent