WTS - Manga


Hello, I moved recently and am looking to part with some stuff. For now I’ve got some manga that I want to sell, but I have a lot more boxes to go through and will probably be adding some cases and a few anime figures as well. I’m listing my prices “shipped” meaning the price of the item includes the cost to ship it. All of these books are in great condition, no direct damage, but it is possible for some to have slight wear and tear due to transportation. I accept payment through PayPal only.

Battle Vixen 1-8 - $30 Shipped - http://imgur.com/WnoGcd4

Chobits 1-8 - $30 Shipped - http://imgur.com/WnoGcd4

Guardian Angel Getten / Momotte Shugogetten 1-5 - $25 Shipped - http://imgur.com/ED80MgG

Loose Manga Titles, Buy 10 = $25 Shipped, or add $1 per manga to a set - http://imgur.com/Sz3DGAG http://imgur.com/UgN6rET http://imgur.com/ZOn2JKG

If you have any questions please feel free to PM, thanks for looking and have a good day.