WTS: Maple Xbox 360 sanwa stick

There was some confusion when selling this stick before and the sale fell through so here it is again…Turns out while it looks and feels exactly like a Norris case the case and entire stick was made my DrAngel in Columbus ohio. Which makes it even cooler! For more info on his sticks visit www.Angelonearcade.com
This stick features:
beautiful finished Maple case
lexan top and bottom
bitchin magneato art
Sanwa JLW with orange bubble top
Clear blue Semitsu buttons
Disconnect usb cable
a beautiful wireing job!
Extra long usb cable
resistors on the triggers for a default button layout
threaded anchors in so the feet will never strip the wood
and all this can be yours for the low low price of 175 shipped!!!

if still avaiilable by the time i get my taxes back, its mine. :slight_smile:

Just to add a few additional details –

[LIST]The stick is a Birdseye Maple, not a typical Maple stick. This piece was hand-selected.[/LIST]
[LIST]Inside mounted Neutrik to retain the “button” look.[/LIST]
[LIST]Slightly lower profile than a Norris, with the slant going from 2" in the front to 2.5" in the rear.[/LIST]

The entire photo set can be found here:

thanks dan:)