WTS: Marvel Fight 50shipped


mods can close.

Interested in Hori case. Please post some pictures.

a little dirty LOL but will clean up

pmed about the ds lite

PMs replied

The Ex2 case was dremeled to fit the 30 mm right?

filed down, same thing *that bottom button, doesnt look flush, cause that main pcb is in there, but like I said thats not usable but it has the wires on it for the headset/guide/start back etc

case is sold pending payment

Payment sent.

Case and all games sold. Ds sold pending payment. Marvel fight pad left 60 shipped


pmed about paypal address

payment sent for the ds+ R4

Fightpad left, thanks guys!

ds + R4 received!

thanks again man. it’s in immaculate condition!

bump for fightpad

one more bump…

for now