WTS: Marvel Vs Capcom 2 PS2 SOLD, PLEASE CLOSE

Hello, hey, i got a copy of MvC 2 for the PS2, the game is used but in good working conditions, comes with the case, but i lost the booklet, so you will only get the CD and the Case, Asking for $80 shipped, (same that i paid for it a few months ago) or Best Offer, if anyone is interested ill post some pictures later.



and I also got a Memory card with all the character from** MvC 2** and Capcom Vs Snk 2 unlocked (i dont know if the memory card save is allowed in this forum, if is not, please Mod let me know so i can delete it ok) the memory card is used, im asking for $20 or BO, if anyone is interested just PM me ok, thanks.

I’m willing to trade you a Gamecube and a Dreamcast for Marvel.

Just the disk for 80 bucks shipped? Are you out your damned mind?

It comes with the case, the game is only missing the booklet.

they are going 90+ shipping on ebay…

For PS2? PS2 games dont use Jewel cases. And i know the worth. I have 2 copies on PS2, one on xbox and two for dreamcast. Im a collector. And link this 90+ on ebay. Cause the last time i seen it that much was 3 years ago.

Ok i looked it up on ebay. Damn when did this inflation occur? But just the disk? That’s not worth 80. I’d pay 50 or 60 for just the disk.

this rare game. rise up price! I’ve a full in MvC2 on PS2. mini perfect.
I’m not for sale the game. :arazz:

Thanks, the game is very rare, and on ebay it goes for more than $90, it is only missing the booklet, i posted some pics, thanks for looking.

Post a pic of what you’re selling. Cause im guessing thats not it.

Dude what are you talking about?? if your are not buying please stop spamming my thread, thanks.

Im trying to get the facts straight “dude”. You said MvC2 game, disk only and a jeweled case. A jeweled case is the case that PSone and dreamcast games used. I’m not spamming. And if you think i am then you don’t know the meaning of the word.

mistake fixed, are you happy now?? and yeah, i do know the meaning of the word. and its not only for “you”, is for everybody, post “IF” your are going to make an offer or if your are going to buy, thanks.

OHH, and i never said DISK ONLY, I said disk and case, no booklet, thats what i said.

I did make a offer. Look up.:rolleyes:

Jeje, sorry bro im going to pass on that one. good try though.:wgrin:

See quote.

Oh, im sorry i missed your offer, but i already got a game cube and a dream cast, good offer, :tup: but im going to have to pass. thanks for the interest.


This guy is a good sport.


Yea i ignored that post.

opips is the coolest person on SRK.