WTS Marvel vs Capcom 2 TE art panel, bezel, and side panels


Looking to sell some parts I have no need for.

TE Marvel vs Capcom 2 metal art panel $30 shipped
white TE bezel $15 shipped
TE side panels (painted camo then sanded so they need work) $15 shipped

These parts came from a PS3 stick.


this is current just edited an old post so let me know if you have any questions.


PM incoming


@iNENDOi‌ PM sent with a video of the bezel.


Is it just the art or is the metal panel included? Kinda confused :confused:


Wouldn’t the panel HAVE to be included seeing how if you remove the stock art you also destroy it?


here is a video since you are confused @iAmDjFLiP‌ @tehmidcap‌ http://youtu.be/Z9InJt1Ft_M


Without the JLF though just got to lazy to take it off