WTS: MAS HAPP Joystick 360/PS3




Did you happen to get it direct from MAS or from a third party such as arcadeshock. I was lookin into getting just a case and forgot to ask them if they did the xbox overlay


What kind of happ stick, a Perfect 360? Comp?


Zapf: Ya I get it directly from MAS.

Pablo_the_Mex: Competition Stick by HAPP


Damn OK thanks. Might have scooped it up real quick if it had a p360. Wouldn’t want to wait 16 months to get one directly from MAS.


Well, p360s are kind of a bitch to wire up which is why I would rather buy one pre-installed. I already have a MAS case with an xbox pcb and a competition stick.


Just curious why you want the p360 stick?




oh ic. didnt know that


Requested by some SRKer.

now on ebay


the butten inbetween select and start, is the the guide (xbox) button for the xbox 360?


ya is for the xbox button.