WTS: Mas Stick for Dreamcast and Beatmania for Playstation and Nintendo DS backup loader


ALL ITEMS MOVED TO EBAY, SRKers who bid and win get FREE SHIPPING. Just PM me telling me you won.


Alright guys, I just graduated college (YAY!), now I came back home and am preparing to go to evo for mvc3. I have A LOT of stuff I need to get rid of for REALLY CHEAP prices. If you want more pics, please ask. I can post fairly quickly and I am always on here.

So let’s get started. All products I am selling are in good working condition. If there is a flaw, it will be pointed out. And just to let you guys know, my printer is down right now so I can not print shipping labels at the moment so anything you buy will be **shipped Monday (June 27). **All prices include shipping to the US.

Beatmania - $10

MegamanDS’s Dreamcast MAS stick (picture wearing off) - $100 or best offer (local pickup preferred but shipping is fine)
8-way competition stick with the normal cherry switches. Classic MAS stick, works perfectly. This is the stick used to get top 8. :stuck_out_tongue:
http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y132/megamandan/ebay%206-23/th_IMAG0550.jpg http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y132/megamandan/ebay%206-23/th_IMAG0551.jpg http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y132/megamandan/ebay%206-23/th_IMAG0552.jpg

DSTT $25 - lets you play your back ups of games you own via roms. Just drag and drop roms of your purchased games into the microSD card and put it in the DSTT and you can play all your backups. Works with original DS or DS Lite.


I’m interested in the PS2 import stuff and maybe the beatmania controller as well. I’d like to wait to see if you have anything else that interests me if you’ll be updating the list again if you don’t mind!


Interested in Tekken 6.
When do you need your money by? Because I get paid July 1st-15th (roughly around that time)


I’ll take the DJ-B13 DVDs & the Joo’s Combo Collection DVD. I just need your paypal info please.


im interested in the dvds


the ems converter the other side is a vmu slot is it suppost to work for saturn to?


It might take me a few days so if you want, you can pay for the PS2 import stuff and the controller and then send another payment if you like any new stuff later. My paypal is megamands@gmail.com . There are a couple other people that PMed me for the PS2 import stuff and they are ready to send money. I told them I would give you 24 hours since you were first. Keep me updated! Thanks

Before July 27 would be nice. I don’t hold things though, FCFS (first come, first serve) so if someone else wants it before you, sorry.

paypal - megamands@gmail.com

which dvds? The MvC2 ones sold, but the evo ones are still available.

ahh, my bad. You’re right. The VMU side is a bit lose, but functions. No saturn input


oh i missed that post. i intended all of them lol. i guess ill take the evo dvds


@MegamanDS It’s cool. I’ll try to get it before the 27th unless someone else offers.


payment sent.


Alright, same thing I told Legendary… You have 24 hours to pay for the DVDs only because another SRKer (Mosque) wants the evo DVD and is ready to pay.


money sent.


Interested in Oblivion, PM sent.


No items on hold anymore, everything that is still available is up for grabs.

I will update soon, but just to give a heads up, there are no more games. I think I have a DC console in the garage, an xbox 360, a RROD xbox 360, and a few other stuff.


Mas stick on hold for 24 hours


first post updated with a DC, PS2, beatmania, and a DC/PS2 to USB adapter


HAHAH oh man i remember RF adapters. good shit.

this is probably too late to mention now but the likelihood of me being home when the dvds arrive is low since i work all week…i hope you didnt make it mandatory that i have to sign for the package :frowning:


no signing required, tracking number should have been emailed to all of you


cool deals, some classics here…
I’m interested in wwf warzone if I can find my n64! :slight_smile:


All items moved to ebay