WTS: MAS Super Pro stick on ebay

Who wants to buy a MAS Super pro stick, 10- button, ps2 compat. arcade stick?

I’ll post pics if anyone is interested.

You have to post a price.

I’m gonna put it on ebay for 100 dollars. I’ve barley even used it, so it’s still in very good condition.

Stock? Or modded? Pix plx :smiley:

need pics ill prolly grab this

how much?

I will be posting it on ebay later today. So look for it. It’s stock, barley been used though.

if someone offers to buy it straight up, why use ebay?

more than one person wants to buy it though, I want to get the best deal. oDas can have it for $100. Is anyone willing to go higher?

You’re supposed to list a price and sell it. Not auction stuff.

oDaS offered the money, sell it to him.

Pained and Dans student also showed interest. And oDaS said he’ll probably buy it.

I’ll sell it for $100 to the first person who tells me straight up that they’ll buy it. Here’s all the info:

MAS Super pro stick
10-button (default colors/convex)
White face with black sides
PS2 compat.
regualr size
competition stick

We all want to go get the best deal, but you still gotta post a price.

Not to mention we still haven’t seen pix :amazed:

Aight. I can’t remember what I bought it for, but this thing has barley been played on, so it’s virtually brand-spanking new. I’m still don’t have a final set price, but I’ll try to get back to you today. Please just let me know if you’re interested. Here’s the pics:


I’ll give you $100 for it. But I have to wait for my money to come in.

misleading title, still not even on ebay!