WTS MAS xbox 360 stick




Very little use, like new
$125 shipped 110 shipped


Sorry obo. Let me know if you have any questions


i’m not very familiar with MAS but they have happ parts right?


Yes sir they do


What type of stick does it have in it? P360 or 8way?


8 way. I have an old Wico p360 I can install. It will increase the price though


Where are you shipping from?


Is yours for 360 and how much do you want for it?

Hey woop, how much if you add the p360?


what’s with the thread hijack…


Hahahahaha If you want to buy from some random dude off craigslist go for it. I have bought and sold here for many years now. Add 55 for the Wico p360, very nice and hard to come by

It will ship from Nevada


That doesn’t look like a MAS stick >.>


Price drop


I am open to any offers.


i’ve always been interested in getting a MAS stick. I’ll offer 100 bucks for it if you’re open to any offers for it.


Sent a pm.

Still up for grabs


$110 shipped



Is this still available?


Sold long ago