WTS: Mass Effect X360, TWEWY, JoyBox ps2 to Wii adapter, Old Tekken 4 Stick Case


Hey guys. Cleaning out my place of things I don’t use/need, so I threw some things up to sell.

  • Mass Effect 2 - Xbox 360 - Still Sealed, $35 + $5 Shipping.

-The World Ends With You - Nintendo DS, Still Sealed - $15 + 5 Shipping

-Joybox Ps2 —> Wii Converter - Nintendo Wii, Still sealed - $15 + $5 Shipping

  • Tekken 4 Arcade Stick Case - Care to note this is strictly for the case, anything that’s still on this stick doesn’t work, so it’s for people interested on starting a new project lol. A few bottom screws are missing. - $15 + $11 Shipped.

Anyone that’s interested in purchasing these shoot me a PM, I will withold my Paypal Address to make sure that no one sends me money by mistake through any misunderstanding.