WTS: Massive Blu-ray sale! Prices lowered!

Well, i lost to job so time to let go of some of my blu ray collection. Please keep in mind that shipping is included IF there is a minimum order of two movies purchased. Also, i can assure you that all movies are in immaculate condition and contain all original contents such as slip covers and digital copy disks. I can also provide pictures if necessary. As for the games the price includes shipping. If you have any questions shoot me a pm.

Gladiator (unopened) - [strike]$18[/strike] --> $14
Braveheart - SOLD!!
300 (digibook) - Sold
Transformers: revenge of the fallen - [strike]$17[/strike] --> $14
Ice age 3: dawn of the dinosaur - SOLD!!!
The Watchmen: directors cut - [strike]$15[/strike] --> $10
Xmen origins: wolverine - SOLD!!!
V for Vendetta - [strike]$12[/strike] --> $10
The warriors - $12
Dirty Dancing - [strike]$10[/strike] --> $8
Corpse Bride - [strike]$9[/strike] --> $7
The Hangover -[strike]$15[/strike] --> $13
Dr. Strangelove (digibook) - [strike]$16[/strike] --> $14
The departed - [strike]$14[/strike] --> $10
Cars (gift set) - $20
Igor - SOLD!!
Full Metal Jacket - [strike]$15[/strike] --> $10
Ghostbusters - SOLD
Gremlins - $14
UP (w/ target exclusive journal) - SOLD
Snow White and the seven dwarfs - $15
Star Trek (2009) - $14
Night at the museum: Battle of the smithsonian - $14
G-force - $13
The Dark Knight - [strike]$13[/strike] --> $11
Goodfellas - $10
Public Enemies - $15
Blow - SOLD
Grease - SOLD

PS3 games:
Little big planet: GOTY edition - SOLD!!
Call of Duty MW2 - SOLD!!
Assasins creed 2 (unopened) + Assasins creed 1 - SOLD!!

80 gig ps3 This ps3 is really in perfect condition and i have never had any problems with it whatsoever. However, i don’t have the original dual shock control but have this one http://www.dreamgear.net/shop-by-platform/sony-playstation-3/shadow-6-wireless-controller.html as i like how it imitates the xbox360 style controller. - SOLD!!



PM sent for Assasins creed games

payment sent

Assassins creed 1/2 is gone guys.


Assassins creed 1/2 is gone guys.



quick question about that controller, how well does it work? does it perform well as good as 1st party x360 or even ps3 controller? or does it feel cheap and crappy like most 3rd party controller. i’ve been looking for something like that. thanks gl with you sale.

Actually i was really surprised by the quality of the controller. I was expecting another crappy mad catz esque control but this one is actually pretty good quality. The analog sticks are sturdy and still just as responsive as when i first bought it. Things to note though are that it doesn’t do six-axis and it’s not blu-tooth compatible, so you have to connect a dongle to the usb port. However, i’ve been playing with the 360 control for so long so this control is just more comfortable and natural for me. It’s def. a worthy substitute.

X_x ur inbox is full trying to pm u.

Sorry about that. Just emptied all my messages.

Get at me.

Up and Blow are sold.

Cod is sold.

Grease and ghostbusters are gone.


just wanna confirm that you got my PM about my address?


Yeah, sorry i didn’t have the chance to reply right away.

Also, the ps3 is sold. Sorry for everyone who was interested.