WTS: Mayflash Max Shooter for Xbox 360 - PS2/Mouse/Keyboard Adapter

A while ago, i bought these two Mayflash Max Shooter converters for $59.85 each because they were the only promising PS2 -> Xbox360 converters on the market. I’ve used them exactly once.

I needed to plug two digital PS1 pads into my Xbox360. That didn’t work and i couldn’t return them so i’ve had them since.

I’ve tested them with standard PS2 Dual Shock controllers and both worked fine. I’ve also tested them with a Tekken 5 stick and that worked too. I don’t know why the ASCII pads didn’t work because everyone on SRK said these converters work with digital PS2 pads. Just bad luck i guess.

Anyway i don’t know how much these go for, but i’ll sell them to anyone who makes me a reasonable offer. Here’s a picture taken with my ghetto cell phone. As you can see, even the packaging is intact because i cut them out carefully.

Since nobody said anything, i’m giving these things away now: sonic hurricane dot com Weekly Screenshot: ???