WTS: Metal Stick Case + Neutrik Adaptors

$60 shipped to USA or best offer.

I have for sale a Metal Briefcase stick. JLF or LS-56-01 + MS plate Compatible. 30mm holes and 24mm on top.

Gamestop stopped selling the DS and PSP cases I made these out of some time ago. Briefcase is not fully metal on the top but is reinforced with some Lexan on bottom so the stick is fairly durable. Just made a new plexi cover for the stick. Button layout is based off an Agetec.

The biggest draw is the easy to open for maintenance or trouble shooting. Comes with the SDM buttons shown and the Mic extension. Neutrik compatible (RJ-45 or USB) hole on top.

Front of stick. Hole for Neutrik.

It opens up.

Bottom. Comes with these rubber feet.

This is what it looked liked before I gutted it

Neutrik RJ-45 Jack Keystone version. Have 4. $4 each + $5 shipping.


Evo Bags Sold

Hori FS Wii case Sold

Trade Wants:
MC Cthulhu Boards I need 2 if you have. $35 each
Dual Strike Board any working version $35 each
PeeWii board $15

That’s really nice of you rtdzign, appreciate the thoughtfulness :smiley:

Don’t really need one personally, but I know of a few folks who might, I’ll ask around.


Added item and price dropped.

added items. Also looked up shipping to Canada.

So no takers from Canada. Looking to sell them for $30 to US

How much is it to canada?

is there discounts for local picks? cause i live San Jose, not far from you

Sorry I didn’t get back to you, I was away for the week when you posted. If you want the stick sack then you can have it for $25 if you pick it up, or no shipping charges for the other stuff.

added FS Wii shell.

pm sent on the evo bag-canada

You still have any of those Evo bags?

Reserve 2 for me and Swizz.

I sold one, and took the other one off the market, as I found a use for it.

fast shipping and good price thanks,i sold my evo sack to a canadian cuz i hated it,then i won a stick at evo and felt i needed the evo sack to keep it in. thanks for the hook up.

got the FS wii case today, thank you.

btw, damn USPS didn’t update delivery confirmation at ALL… :confused: