WTS: MGS3 Subsistence (PS2) and Pro Evo. Soccer 2008 (PS3)


Want to let go of my MGS 3: Subsistence… this game is rare ( or so I’ve been told ) and I just had to own it as a collector, but I want to let it go now lol. This is the version with the second disk that has the hilarious videos and old school MGS games + the monkey adventures side game. It is in MINT condition and has everything included.

I got it for $50 so I want to sell it for $30 + shipping ($4.60)

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008. This is a great soccer game for the ps3, but I have the ps2 version and play it way more often than this one. I bought this in Kuwait in December (which means its the England version [it will still work fine on any PS3]) and only played it around 3 times. It’s in MINT condition and comes with everything.

Got it when it first came out for 20 k.d. ($75) but I’m willing to let it go for $45 shipped.

PM me if you’re interested. I am open to offers, but I want to keep it close to what I want to sell them for. Not looking for trades cause I need the cash for some guitar equipment.
2 days and this is off to eBay.






Price drops…

It’s off to eBay Bay !!!

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That’s not the rare one by the one, you just have the standard edition. The rare one would the limited edition red one.

ya and when the game came out it was like 30 bucks

Hey, that’s what I’ve been told.

Just sold it for $27, so I think I did pretty good!