WTS: Microsoft Zune

Specs and such can be found here:

http://www.ebgames.com/product.asp?product_id=080002 white

It’s in top-notch condition, another item I bought and rarely use (it’s always those microsoft products!).

Anyways, I used to own an Ipod, and I ended up selling it because I never need an mp3 player, and I needed a video card for my computer (back when I was a PC gamer). About 3 months ago, I thought I would need one again, and here I am, looking to sell it to someone who might need it.

It comes with the original box, all manuals/instructions, and I can either wipe the songs from it or keep them, your choice.

I’m looking to sell it for $150.00-$200.00, Anyone?

why state a through value? people are just gona say they want it the cheapest value u’d sell it for anyway.

since you’re a new member, ebay / amazon / other forum feedback is almost mandatory

Ebay Account : Nykfan7889

Feedback Score: 15
Positive Feedback: 85.7%

Members who left a positive: 18
Members who left a negative: 3

****The 3 Negative feedback was from when I was younger, and played some game “GunBound,” It was selling an aimbot, long story.

All positive Feedback: 19

Also, just did some business on the SRK forums with pc1x1. He is working on a custom joystick for me, and I payed him in full of paypal already. Feel free to contact him for questioning.

I’ll buy it for $150. :bgrin:

if you’re serious, hit me up ^^

Must be a good one :).

Aremsi paid quickly and so far no problems whatsoever, I am working on finishing his stick soon, and will reference him accordingly once I reach post.

SOLD: Please delete this thread, thank you.