WTS: Midnight blue Nintendo DSi XL w/ Dragon Quest IX, $139.99 shipped to U.S

What up SRK, Dan’s Student here after a long break from selling to the fine folks on these forums. But the economy sucks! So here goes!

Today I have for sale a midnight blue Nintendo DSi XL, which comes with a copy of Dragon Quest IX, and is preloaded with Brain Age Math and Flipnotes, all for the price of $139.99 shipped to the continental U.S. only!

Both items were purchased on launch date, and both items are in excellent condition, handled with care, and the game comes with original case and inserts/manual. The DSi has not been dropped, scratched, or dented in any way. The DSi also has a decorative and adorable sticker of a Dragon Quest slime on the front to spruce up your day! :rofl: It was a promotional item with DQIX. If it is undesired, it should be no trouble for you to remove it without any harm to the DSi!

I’ve sold on ebay under the name of Real-Gamer1 and here on SRK for years now, so please buy with confidence! :tup:

First come, first serve. Paypal only, all sales final. Will ship up to 2 business days AFTER payment is made, no later! Please understand this when purchasing! $139.99 shipped to the continental U.S. ONLY.

Once again have a great day SRK, I’ll get pics up soon if necessary/asked for! :rock:


~Dan’s Student