WTS: Military ACUs & Berets, Games, DVDs, PCBs


Second round of sales going on to clean out the house to minimal standards. Payment is Paypal only and confirmation shipping is only by request. Please let me know before I calculate the payment if you want extra things towards the shipment such as insurance or shipping conformation. These things add on dollars to things I ship out and not telling me ahead of time eats in the money from whatever product I’m selling here.

Military ACU’s & Berets - I was medically discharged two years ago and these ACUs have been lying around the closet. There is no use for me to continue to keep these and I’m wiling to sell them off. ACU tops and bottoms are “medium - long” and the unused Berets are size 7 1/8. 4 tops, 4 bottoms, and 2 berets avaliable. A top or bottom is $10 each + shipping, berets are $5 each + shipping.




Retro Xbox 360 PCB - Gutted PCB that’s wired and includes daisy chain disconnects. Issue with RB, not sure if it’s the wiring or the PCB but everything else works on it and you can rewire it to a different button. $15 + shipping


Various Games and DVDs, all used.

Street Fighter Anniversary Collection for Xbox - $10 + shipping
The Boondocks: The Complete Second Season - $10 + shipping


Sold items

Arcana Heart
Jet Grind Radio
Botched Namco Arcade Case

Post here or send me a PM. I’m free to various offers if you have any.


What’s the condition for GTA 4? Any scratches or marks on it?


It comes with it’s case, the map & booklet, and the disc has a few scratches on it. The case itself has some sticker marks on it


Does the scratches affect the game at all? Like is there a part in the game you can’t get past because of it?


Oh no. I have been able to play the game just fine. I just want to sell it because I don’t plan to play games that aren’t fighting games anymore.


oh ok how much will shipping cost to zip code 89433?


how much shipped for the case to 94134?


PM sent about Jet Grind Radio


I’ll take jet grind radio if bws30 doesn’t.


Shipping should be around $4 for packaging costs and through USPS shipping.


For the case, I’m going to try to see if the medium sized Priority mail box will fit. If it does then shipping should be $10.70. If not then it might be a few bucks more to find a box that will fit it’s dimensions.


Ok PM me your paypal & I’ll give you the $16 in 5 minutes.


sweet. lemme know when you find out on shipping.


payment sent.


Okay I will ship it first thing Monday. Also defghui I will pick up several priority mail boxes so expect a PM during the early afternoon about the shipping costs.


Damn. Why didn’t I see this earlier. Would have taken that Namco case




To defghui, I found some extra priority mail boxes lying around and it only fits in the large sized one. Shipping in that is $14.50.


Aww I was interested in that namco case. Is it spoken for?


Payment and Info sent.