WTS: Misc. Parts, PS1 imports, Blazblue CT LE, KOF 12

I take paypal, and shipping is within the US only.
I’m willing to take offers on the items.

Misc. Parts $20 shipped
I do not know what to charge for everything separately, so I’ll just bunch em up together.
If you want individual items, let me know.
Please note that the buttons came from a saturn stick, which means they will not work with quick disconnects.
You’ll have to solder them for them to work.
Here’s what included:
8 Green 30mm buttons
8 Pink 30mm buttons
2 Yellow 24mm buttons
Sanwa Square Gate
USB Male A/B cable
2 Green Ball Tops
Green Ball Top(different shade)
Pink Ball Top
Gray Ball Top(slightly smaller than standard size)
NOTE: Harnesses and JLF are gone


Blazblue Calamity Trigger Limited Edition (PS3) $20 Shipped
No pics of it at the moment.
Comes with everything including the outer box.
Everything is in good shape, except for the outer box flap is creased from normal use.


Capcom Vs Snk 1 (DC) $15 shipped
Comes complete in good condition.


Import PS1 games lot $30 shipped
The games are
Hermie Hopperhead
King of Fighters 95
Samurai Shodown
Welcome House
Honestly, I’m not really sure about what to charge for these games.
If the price is too high, feel free to offer.
I may sell the games individually as well.


King of Fighters 12 (PS3) $15 Shipped
Comes complete and in good condition.
If you have any questions, feel free to pm me.

i would love to see updated pictures of the hrap 2 and hrap 2’s pcb if you don’t mind!

Sorry for the crappy camera phone pic. My digital camera is busted or something.(it wouldn’t turn on despite a full battery.)
I forgot to note that the turbo PCB is missing.
But I’m pretty sure nobody really uses that anyway.

Hey, uh, if you don’t end selling the stick can I buy your inpin converter at EVO?

Yeah, if I don’t sell it soon I’ll bring it to evo for you.

If this is still on the market I am interested in the HRAP2 if its still available!

Both sticks are still available. PM coming your way…

Bumping for some better pictures and to get an interest check on a new stick.

EDIT: Double post, ignore


My Chun-Li stick !!:sad:

pm sent

I want that pic on the stick. O.O

I received the HRAP 2 earlier today. Asides from L1 and L2 seeming to be pressed most of the time everything seems to be working great. It doesn’t affect gameplay as long as nothing is bound to them. Thanks for the quick and easy purchase. Your packing job was great.

Is it normal to be able to rotate the balltop? It’s not coming off, it is just able to rotate easily. I’ve never owned a stick so I’m not sure if this is normal.

^I sent you a pm. Hope it helps.

I’m going to add some new stuff as soon as I find my SD card.
Trying to remember what I got, but here’s what I know I got.

Capcom Vs SNK 1 (DC)
Modded PS1 that plays imports(but NOT backups)
KOF 95 PS1 Import
Samurai Shodown PS1 Import
PS1 Mouse

^I just noticed that you replied in this thread after I had sent out my pm.

Just so everyone knows everything is working fine. I fixed the problem with L1/L2, a couple of the quick disconnects metal areas were exposed so I just wrapped them with a nice layer of electrical tape. Also the shaft rotates with the balltop which is apparently normal with japanese sticks.

bump for new items added.
I’m also gonna have a Blazblue: Calamity Trigger Limited Edition(PS3) for sale soon. I just need to get a hold of a camera

Added Blazblue now.

$ick art on the HRAP EX SE! gl with your sale. :slight_smile:

Lowered the price on the EX.
Forgot to bump this when I did it so…