WTS misc stuff

trying to raise funds to get an xbox, so all prices are negotiable.

nes toploader in good condition SOLD
snes newer smaller model SOLD
sega saturn (no ram cart) SOLD
dc vga box SOLD
last blade 2(dc) $15 shipped
gold n64 w/ gold control SOLD
vga to component transcoder $20 shipped

HAPP P360 joystick (old school version, not the new shit one) $70 shipped obo. It’s been well kept and seen some glorious mahvel action. This is for the joystick only.

i accept paypal only, and if u have any questions feel free to ask.

edit* continental US only, unless you are willing to pay international shipping costs. shit’s just too expensive!


etownnipples ur pm box is full. make some room and pm me.

I’d like to request pics of the nes and snes. bats eyelashes My roomy may be interested.

OOH Oooh ME ME ME!!! PM me paypal info on that VGA box for the DC… It does work good right?

the nes n64 and dc vga box are pending atm but his pm box is full so ill give him a day to respond. ill put up pics of everything tonight or tomorrow depending on how lazy i feel when i get off work.

I’m interested in the Saturn. 2 questions:

  1. What games?

  2. Is it modded at all?

not modded and ill put up game lists when i get home but i can tell you there arent any fighters. the saturn, however, has 2 controllers and the most games, i think theres like 8 or so

he’ll do it under the condition that you never type “bats eyelashes” ever again.


Game list is as follows:

Saturn: daytona usa, sega worldwide soccer 97, three dirty dwarves, worms, and solar eclipse

Snes: super godzilla, mk2, killer instinct, and beavis and butthead

nes: ring king, astyanax, totally rad (which is amazing btw,) wheel of fortune, ninja gaiden 2, castlevania 3, super mario bros/duck hunt, kid niki, robot warrior, yoshi, and dragon spirit.

The saturn has 3 controllers with it, not 2, and I also have an old school big box nes if someone wants it for $15 + actual shipping.

In addition, I have a spice (orange) gamecube for sale for $45 shipped, but it comes with certain conditions that you have to be advised of beforehand. (nothing bad, it works beautifully and is in immaculate condition.) PM me for more infoz.

I randomly found converters for ps2 to gamecube, and ps2 to gamecube/xbox that can be had by you for $10 each, shipped.

Lastly, I have a slimline ps2 for sale with GGAC included for $60 + actual shipping. I’m not in a huge rush to let it go, so the price is firm on that one.

I have to take pics with my phone cause windows 7 doesn’t like to recognize my camera, so I will take them tomorrow when there is light.

Definitely would like the top loader, and possibly the snes. Is there any other tech I make I can interest you in (Cthulhu’s, Imps, other random pieces) or should we work out a deal for a hacked 360 pad?

Wow, your prices are fantastic, best of luck selling. I would buy the top loader in a second if the U.S. one had A/V out instead of just RF :frowning: It is moddable though I know. If it doesn’t sell I’ll make you an offer.

OP updated with pics. I’m going in the order that ppl posted or pm’d me, so mags has first dibs on the nes/snes, followed by toodles. DC vga box goes to masterkojiro first, followed by the dude that pm’d me.

i cant believe i missed this thread.

pmed for a few things ready to give you my cash!!!

Replied to PM’s and updated OP. Also, I managed to get my hands on a sf4 fightstick for the 360 so I won’t need a hacked 360 pad after all = (.

Midnight update, status changes and new items added.

i wanttttt that snesss and top loaderrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Man wish I saw your thread earlier!