WTS: MLB 10: The Show Classic Stadium 6-Pack DLC 50% OFF PSN PRICE!


Ok, I dont usually sell these, but this DLC pack is $10 on US PSN store, and I need some money to buy some sanwas lol

I am selling these 8 codes 50% off the PSN price, so $5. PAYPAL ONLY!

my email addy for PP is static_destroyer@yahoo.com

send me a PM as well so I can PM the code back ASAP upon payment.



Got a code and it was as advertised. Good looking out Tim Static, this was a great deal!


Remember, you dont have to have the yet to DL this pack…so get it while its CHEAP! :coffee:


so waht is this exactly


a code to download a pack of classic stadiums for MLB 10: The Show for PS3

Its sold for $10 on PSN, but i have 5 more codes i am selling for only $5


nm sold already lol


4 codes left


Still have these? I’ll take one.


payment sent.


Replied to PM w/ code.

Thank you :coffee:

3 left!


8 left!! get 'em now!


Have 8 total now!! get 'em!!