WTS:Mod'd Sanwa SE SFIV arcade stick

Comes with original box

Comes with
6 30mm Sanwa Yellow Screw-in Sanwa Buttons
2 30mm Sanwa Blue Snap-in Sanwa Buttons(Screw-ins are to big in the end)
Light Blue Balltop
JLF Sanwa Joystick
New Square Gate

Great Condition Rarely used(Its my backup just built my new backup stick)
Buttons have like 1 hour playtime.

90 Dollars shipped


pics would be nice

I’ll take it. Pm me?

pics posted

still availabe pics posted



Is it PS3 or Xbox360?

Sorry saw the pic and zoomed in to see Xbox button.

xbox I forgot to put it in the title.Thank you for reminding me. You can check the home button to for future reference.

Me myself or Can He? Yes he can no I cannot




nobody wants your shit…

Sorry that’s rude sorry. No bumps without price drops or new info. Them’s the rules.

update no longer shipping to canada sorry