WTS: Modded 360 Hori, 360 Hori Shell, Import PS2, and much more!

Been cleaning out my room since the parents are getting divorced, so might as well sell stuff that would end up in storage until a higher being knows when.

As a first heads up, I’m only accepting money orders as a payment, sorry for the trouble.

As a second heads up, I’d like to keep shipping in USA only. Again, sorry for the trouble.

Price : 70$ Shipped
Specs : Original custom artwork from the smash anime Evangelion. The stick is the original Hori brand but the buttons are Sanwa OBSF-30’s, or snap-ins if you don’t know the ordering code. :rofl: Works like a charm with quick responce at the slightest tap of the button. I rarely used it for VF5 as well as some ROMS through MAME. My first stick that I ever modded and I’d like to see it go to a good home.
Modded Hori 360

360 Hori Shell SOLD TO poon
Price : 15$ Shipped
Specs : Originally a stick that I bought on here, but it wasn’t as great as it seemed. Not going to say names or put the blame on anyone, but I was totally burned. It’s sprayed flat black with a light gloss coat over it, the buttons have been grind down to fit any 30MM style button. Great for a project!

Imported PS2 SOLD TO exarchezekeil
Price : 90$ Shipped
Specs : What’s to say? It plays Japanese PS2 and PS1 games, used quite alot but never abused. Even the pictures don’t show it, I’ll also send the power and AV cables along with the matching Dual Shock controller. Still in great working condition, just that I never use it as much as I once did.
Imported PS2
Imported PS2 Tray Open

Japanese Version Final Fantasy Tactics PSP
Price : 25$ Shipped
Specs : Once a great game on the PS1, now avaliable for the PSP. Ended up getting it because the of the rumor that the game would never get translated and hit US soil…WHOOPS. Game’s in used condition but still works perfectly with the minor flaws within the game, such as magic and summons slowing the game down.

Random Buttons and Balltops SOLD TO poon, Seimitsu SOLD TO RockCho
Price : 10$ for the lot, 15$ for the Seimitsu, Shipped
**Specs :**Front row are the buttons from the 360 Hori, basic snap-ins that feel sluggish 30MM. 2nd Row are the basic Hori from the Tekken 5, 8X Red 30MM and 2X Yellow 24MM. Last row has 6 different color Sanwa OBSF-30’s that were originally in my hori that I ordered on here, they’ve got some extra sodder on them still but work fine. The ball tops fit most sticks, the green one from the Hori 360, and the blue is just a Sanwa 30MM that was used on the Eva stick for quite some time.
The 2nd picture is a set of 6 discontinued Seimitsu clear snap-in’s, I didn’t end up using them for the 360 Hori so they are practically brand new.
If you want certian buttons or just one, that’s cool too, I can allways work something out.
Random Buttons and Junk
Seimitsu Clear Set

B.C. Rich Warlock Guitar
**Price :**100$ Shipped
**Specs :**Here’s a weird one for SRK eh? Got this along time ago from a friend at an internet cafe. I replaced the strings recently, the headstock has a huge chip in it, and there are minor dings and scratches in the body. Even though I don’t have a case for it now, if someone accually posts interest in it, I’ll go and get a soft style case for it, free of charge.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Headstock and the Chip

I’m also looking to buy the following…
Marvel VS Capcom for the Dreamcast, paying 15$-20$
An Agetec (Green Goblin) for the Dreamcast, paying 20$-30$
Pre-Cut plexi for a Tekken 5, shoot me a price, I haven’t a clue how expensive this is or how time consuming it is to cut.

Any concerns or if you want better/more pictures of what I got, just send a PM. Thanks for looking as well. :woot:

dibs on hori shell and random buttons!

Close poon, RockCho sent a PM first, but it’s all yours if he doesn’t give the approval. Random buttons and balltops are reserved though.

P.M. me you paypal address.

That mother is fast as hell! Good shit Rock. :slight_smile:

Another PM sent for the stick.

EDIT: Sorry. Disregard my last message(s). I’m gonna pass on this one and try to mod mine again. My bad!


Dibs on that modded Hori. PM sent!

V4MPIRO : Sorry bro, not accepting Paypal due to tons of problems that I’ve had in the past with it. Money order or hell, even in person cause I think I’ve met you at Nickle City before.

FallingEdge : It’s cool man, it’s really easy to mod and I hope ya have fun with it.

Poon : Still got you down with the random buttons, just waiting on the word about the shell, then again, I need to update those pictures. Most likely it will happen tomarrow afternoon. 1PM or so central time.

SweetJohnnyV : Consider the stick yours, I’ll set it aside and get it ready for shipping.

OK cool, let me know how or when can we met, and maybe i will buy the ps2 as well.
P.S. I do have a copy of MVC.

V4MPIRO : Accually, the buttons are on hold for someone else, totally didn’t mark it earlier, but I can put you down for the PS2 if that’s cool. Yeah, I’m totally interested in MVC, as long as the disk is in good shape, I’ll take it even without the case.

It is in mint condition and complete, I only played like 5 times.

Dibz on the ps2 got your money Xombie!

Just tell me when you wanna come by and drop it off! :slight_smile:

Edit- Or I"ll go there >.<

V4MPIRO : Awesome, I totally want it.

exarchezekiel : Yeah, it’s pretty much your PS2 now, I’ll set it aside when I get home.

RockCho : I’ll try to update the picture of the shell tonight, I took the picture, just never uploaded it to my photobucket.

I just happened to see this post right after I made a post for my ps2. T’was fate I suppose.

Kay, time for updates.

RockCho : From what you said in your PM, I got you down for the 6 Seimitsu clears and the 2 Sanwa whites for 16$.

poon : Got you down for all the random buttons and balltops, and the Hori 360 Shell for 25$.

The guitar is back up for sale as well, just gotta update first post. Also, picture of the shell most likely won’t happen until tomarrow, we’re trying to sell the house and good ole Ma took the digital camera to the relator to make signs.

Update time again!

Everything is so far sold exept for the Japanese copy of FFT, and the guitar. Still just waiting for payments to show up in the mail, not exactly sure if the holiday weekend will mess it up like usual. Everything is ready to ship ASAP, so expect PMs as soon as I get the payment.

V4MPIRO : If it’s possible for you to go to Nickle City this Friday, we could possibly meet up and settle the deal on MVC.

Yeah, probably I can do that. I let you know.