WTS: Modded Agetec Case

Okay, I posted a thread in here before, and seeing that there is interest, and weighing out whether i wanted money or my arcade stick, I decided to sell the stick, and will probably make a new one as a project.

So, for sale is a modded Dreamcast Agetec case. The only thing that it lacks is new paint, as I never decided on a theme for it, and didn’t want to have to redo it later when I thought of a better idea.


The case has all parts replaced, the only original piece is the case. Also, the default start button has been removed, filled in, to create a smoother case look, and start button and select button added to the side.

The joystick is a Sanwa JLF, amazing stick, the best for any fighting game in my opinion. Currently has a square gate based on my own preference, easily moddable if buyer prefers to add octagonal after purchase.

Buttons are all Seimitsu. 30 mm buttons for the 6 top buttons, and 24 mm for the start and select located on the side. The buttons are the white with clear plungers, so artwork can be added under the buttons to create seamless designs on the top of the case.

All buttons contain quick disconnects, if any future replacement is necessary will make an easy job.

Entire stick is project boxed to a project box containing a PS2 controller, making it PS2 compatible. Uses a standard HD-15 connection on stick and box, never had any problems with loose cables or anything, very reliable set-up. Also allows for the addition of other project boxes if other systems are desired for play.

Total cost for me to build was about 90 bucks after all parts were bought, so am looking to sell the case for at least 120. I am currently checking shipping, the stick weighs a decent amount, to see if shipping will add on a considerable amount, so if it is significant I may consider halving the shipping cost.


If you would like any other pictures, feel free to drop me an email, as I get behind checking SRK. Email is bryant.manrique@gmail. Feel free to send any questions to that email address.