WTS: Modded Blaze Twin Sticks

I have a fully modded BLAZE Twin Stick for sale. Both set of sticks are modded with full SANWA parts.

  • Both Sticks are JLF
  • Both set of buttons are OBSF
  • It has the original Playstation 1/2 PCB.
  • Works with PS2 > PS3 converters (tested)
  • Works with PS2 > xbox360 converters (tested with xconverter)

Selling for $130 CAD OBO. PICK UP ONLY in the Toronto area.

Things to note:

  • The START and SELECT buttons in the middle are disabled. The SART and SELECT buttons for p1 and p2 are the 2 buttons at the top. I disabled/removed the SLOW, TURBO, and CLEAR buttons. I did this because when i’m playing on 2 player side… i always accidentally hit the start or select buttons.

  • There are 2 holes at the bottom of the metal part because the SANWA JLF was a little bit too long. I wish i can show a pick but i don’t have pics of it right now.

Please PM me for details or if interested :tup:

pm sent.


i replied to your PM


still available

too bad you arent willing to ship. me likey