WTS: Modded green goblin, Hori FightingStick SS, Soul Calibur 2 Hori

Need money to buy ticket to EVO.

The modded green goblin has an octo gate, 6 gray sanwa buttons/2 yellow for start and select. Everything else there is stock.

Modded Green Goblin: $70+ shipping
Hori FightStick: $40
Soul Calibur 2 hori: $50

Someone put a price on the namco which was $50 but I’m willing to take higher bids for it.

Not selling namco?


First post updated.

Details on the Green Goblin stick please.

The buttons are 6 gray face buttons and 2 yellow buttons. (For start and select and they’re all sanwas including the stick). I forgot the model of the PCB that is being used but it works fine for PS1/PS2 use. It has an 8-way gate as well. Its been a while since I’ve had this stick, so I’m sorry if I’ve forgotten any details that people want to know about it.