WTS: Modded HFS3, PS DS1 PCB, LS-33, Sanwa $80 Shipped

For Sale:

Hori Fighting Stick 3 modded with ps ds1 pcb, seimitsu ls33 and sanwa screw in buttons. Made from some extra parts I had lying around, and is only lightly used.

The buttons on top were connected to the pcb. Home is analog. Turbo and select are select. Start is start. L3 is L1, R3 is L2. The face buttons correspond to the standard capcom layout. The switch on the left doesn’t do anything though.

Added one home depot spring to ls-33 to stiffen it up a bit. Will include additional homedepot spring if you feel the need to add another.

Price is $80 shipped to the US. Paypal preferable.


More pics here:


Thanks for looking!

Price change bump

Also, check my other thread for inpin converters for cheap :sweat:


nice, shame i don’t need it or i’d jump all over it. great price, good luck!

price drop

pm sent

still available