WTS modded Hori DOA4 Fighting Stick


Mods, please close this thread. Decided to keep this. Thanks.


must be a hella nice modded stick if your selling it for 180. i cant wait to see the pics


Same. Looking forward to pics.


Damn, Does it come with a women or something ??

Stick - $60
Buttons - $20
Gate - $3
Modding Labor - Almost $100 !?!?

Shipping - $11

Still Looking forward to pics tho’


yeah what the others said. Definitely looking forward to seeing the pics


price lowered.


Ugh, why not PS3 AHHHHH!! :slight_smile: Beautiful stick, so wish I had SF4 for 360 I’d jump all over it! wait… that didn’t sound right…


Price is now 150 shipped. Still a good deal IMO. Won’t have issues like SE stick and you get more for what you pay for than the ones on ebay. =)