WTS: Modded HRAP 2

I’m selling a lightly used HRAP2. It’s been modded with a Seimitsu LS-32-02 stick and Sanwa OBSF-30 Black/Grey pushbuttons. I took out the two furthest buttons and covered them up with hole plugs. I’ll include all 8 stock buttons for free. This stick works great, but I really have no use for this one as I already have another HRAP. I also have the box for the stick, but if you want that included it’ll probably cost more to ship(its kind of beat up as well).

PRICE: ($175+shipping). I’m only going to accept Paypal, its the most convenient option for me. Feel free to ask if you guys have any more questions, GO!!!


Also up for sale is a brand new Hori Fighting Stick EX2 for the XB360. Brand new unopened, although the box seems to have seen better days.

PRICE: (($50+shipping SOLD)).


this thing got sold in less than an hour?!? damn. ive been looking for a stick like this. let me know if the sell falls through

i’ll post up the progress as we get there:rock:

HRAP2 is back up for sale because previous “buyer” was too lazy, go go go!!!

never mind.

I was gonna buy this thing because youre a good Makoto player and whatever stick you use probably has blessed buttons but then you said it was lightly used =(

That Hori Ex2 is mine suckaz! You got PM ramza :wgrin:

are the EX2s easy to mod? like buttons and stick wise. i might go for that instead of the hrap2 if it is lol.

$180 shipped? :<

i’m pretty sure it says “+shipping”. am i blind:wonder:

lol sweetjohnny was too quick for you, sorry=/

and no, not at all…its a beast to mod

oh and everyone look out for saDo and PUffy2k316 when buying/or selling, apparently this dudes a scammer, and he almost got me.

I know I was just asking if you’d do that. Thanks anwyway.

bump, lowered price on the rap :slight_smile:

can i have it?:wgrin: